A Birthday, Golf, and the California Grill… All on Valentines Day

Valentines Day happens to also be the same day as my roommate’s birthday. To celebrate this year, she wanted to dine at the California Grill and asked me to join her. How could I say no? Our reservations, however, were not until 9:30 pm, so we decided to take advantage of her cast coupon and play a round of mini golf at the Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course across from Blizzard Beach Waterpark.

At this course, you can choose from one of two paths: Winter or Summer. We opted for the Summer Course, as it was less populated. It seems that the North Pole has temoprarily gone on a tropical getaway, and we have come across their holiday celebration. There are 18 holes, each with their own little piece of the elves’ story to tell and a few surprises along the way:

1- Gnome Away from Gnome: “We’ve set up camp, The best shot here, Is putting past, Our camping gear”

2- Peppermint Pond: “These inner tubes, May make you mad, They’re in the way, Oh well. Tube bad”

3- Golf Balls We Have Hit On High: “If you putt past, Our lifeguard chair, You’ll have to make, A rescue there”

4- The Ol’ Fishin’ Hole: “Watch your step, Across the pond, There’s somethin’ fishy, Goin’n on”

5- Yule Tide Surf Boards: “Yule do well, If Yule do this: Aim for Santa’s Board, Don’t miss”

6- It Came Upon A Midnight Clear: “Putt your ball, Toward the clam, And hope it clears, Before the slam”

7- Peace Sand Good Will: “There is no sand, At the North Pole, That’s why we really, Dig this hole!”

8- Royal Tee: “Before we built, Our bigger castle, We made this first, Hope it’s no hastle”

9- Silent Night: “Remember when, You play this round, It’s better if, The bridge is down”

10- Goofy About Golf: “We made this hole, As living proof, That even elves, Can make a ‘Goof’ ”

11- Sandy Claus: “Don’t wake Santa, From his nap, Just ease your ball, Across his lap”

12- Have Your Elf A Burried Little Sand Trap: “To get your ball, Out to the hole, You need a little, Elf control.”

13- Unfrosty the Snowman: “Hurry up, And putt your ball, Before there’s nothing, Left at all”

14- The South Hole: “Keep in mind, In this golf round, That waht goes up, Must come down”

15- Over the Ribbon You’re Through the Woods: “Wrap your ball, Into the bow, And to the hole, Your ball may go”

16- Good Wheels Towards Men (And Women and Kids): “Our Ferris Wheel, Goes round and round, Behind it’s where, The cup is found”

17- Clickety-Clack Across the Track: “Keep your shot, Kinda loose, Between the engine, And caboose”

For the final hole, you can choose which path you’d like to take…

Option #1= Santa on the Winternet: “Boot up your shot, Make it fine, And see a friend, Appear on-line”

Option #2= Santa on the Winternet: “A putt past this mouse, Will make it go click, The cursor is ready, On comes Saint Nick!”

Laura and I enjoyed our golfing endeavor. Neither of us are pros by any means, but we each managed a hole-in-one and some suprisingly talented (and untalented) shots.

Afterwards, we headed to the Contemporary to celebrate at the California Grill. Golfing took a little longer than we had anticipated, and we missed seeing Wishes from the Grill, but it’s nice that they’ll let you come back to watch Wishes the next night if you bring your reciept back.

We checked in on the 2nd floor and were taken in the private elevator up to the 15th floor, where we were given a buzzer to let us know when our reservations were ready. We checked out the patio outside and sat in the lounge/bar area for a few minutes until our time was up. We had nice seats. They weren’t right along the window, but we could still see clearly. They had also sprinkled some Mickey confetti on the table, as we had told them it was Laura’s birthday.

As usual, bread and butter with sea salt on top were brought out and we ordered our meals. Both dishes were AMAZING! (which I’ve come to expect from the Calfornia Grill). This restaurant is definitely one not to be missed!

I ordered the Roasted Wild Mushrooms and Truffles with Melted Leeks, Provalone, and crispy Shiitakes Brick Oven Fired Flatbread, and Laura decided to try the Crispy Seared Chicken with Cranberry-Chestnut Bread Pudding, Root Spinach, and Tangerine Jus.

To top of the night, our server brought Laura a large piece of chocolate cake for her birthday!

Laura really enjoyed her birthday, and this is just one of the great ways to celebrate a special day in Walt Disney World. How would you celebrate?


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