Finding Disney in Warrnambool

As an international student, transportation is interesting. Not having a vehicle, legs become a great alternative means of transport. Granted, it takes a bit more time to get from one place to another, but someday the environment will thank me. It’s also probably much safer at the moment, since my American driving skills would probably cause me to drive on the right side of the road… which, in Australia, would lead to all sorts of traffic violations if not a catastrophic collision of epic proportions.

There is a bus transportation system that operates around the town. From what I’ve heard it costs about $2 AUD to get downtown and back, but when the weather’s nice and I’m not in a rush, I choose to save my dollars for adventures beyond downtown Warrnambool. To walk to the grocery store (either Coles or Woolworth’s) and the nearest convenience store, it takes about 30 minutes or about an hour round trip. If you need to go the the bank, however, you’re looking at a 2 hour trip. One hour walking downtown and another back. It’s great exercise! (At least that’s what you keep telling yourself as you drag your feet back to campus…) It’s also about an hour to walk to the beach, and really, I don’t mind the walk. I’ve either got company to chatter with or a WDWRadio podcast to listen to (exposing my Disney nerdy-ness) and keep me entertained.

Downtown Warrnambool

Downtown Warrnambool

Tuesday I decided to walk to the bank and discovered this mosaic downtown. I’m not sure what the background story is behind it, but I liked that the Warrnambool water tower was represented (the big oval structure on the left) and a little koala was included (in the trees on the right). It was just something different to spruce up the streets.



I also found myself drawn to one of the windows of a jewelry store.

Disney Dinnerware!

Disney Dinnerware!

Apparently, even in Warrnambool, Australia, they can’t get enough Disney! You could choose between Snow White…

photo 3

Snow White Dinnerware

… or Cars 2…

Cars 2 Dinnerware

Cars 2 Dinnerware

Both sets included a lunchbox, plate, bowl, mug, and egg cup (my favorite piece). I’m not sure how many American dinnerware sets would include an egg cup… but then again the display was in the window of a jewelry store…

The Disney Parks might not have reached this continent yet, but the merchandise definitely has! Now we just need to get them to make a Toy Story dinnerware set… That one I’d be mailing home!


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