Finding Disney in Warrnambool… Again!

When you’ve vacationed in Disney World, worked for Disney World, and are accustomed to frequent visits to The Most Magical Place on Earth, it is easy to quickly become deprived. I’m quickly rounding the corner on surviving 9 months without having set foot on pixie dusted soil.

I have had certain things to help satiate my inherent Disney addiction… In a previous post, I mentioned WDWRadio. Since my early years of high school, I’ve been listening to Lou Mongello’s Disney-focused podcast (available on iTunes) for the latest news, trivia, history, reviews, and so much more. It’s a wonderful dose of magic and keeps me in the know! (The new updates to Animal Kingdom sound like they’re going to be amazing!). I’m also an avid reader of The Disney Food Blog. It’s a great website that keeps track of new and updated food finds around the park. The have reviews, news, food showdowns, holiday food updates, the latest Food and Wine Festival information, and more. They also have a podcast on iTunes that is relatively new. With all the wonderful food in Disney World, and the constantly changing menus, I find it helpful to keep up with the latest blogs. (That way I know where to make my next reservation when I head into the parks… or which food favorites have disappeared… RIP Main Street Bakery with the amazing Blueberry Muffin… RIP)

Main Street Bakery Blueberry Muffin (the perfect 20th birthday breakfast)

Main Street Bakery Blueberry Muffin (the perfect 20th birthday breakfast with a lovely smile)

I’ve also been able to focus on training for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon coming up in November! I participated in a 5K last January, and decided to go for the half! I come home on October 26th and am running in Disney on November 9th, then leave for my first Disney Cruise on November 30th. Come home to wintery Wisconsin and leave for tropical Florida, that’s the way to go!

There are somewhat surprising Disney encounters though too. For instance, the sunshine tempted me to peruse the sidewalks and make a grocery trip. While walking past the bread section, I found these little numbers…

Cars cake

Cars cake

Mickey cake

Mickey cake

Spider-Man cake

Spider-Man cake

They weren’t refrigerated and the Cars cake has such a well-developed car shape, I’m not sure how it was made or what it was made from. My godson loves Cars though, so I might just have to attempt it for him at some point after I’m home. Cake decorating is a lot of fun, for those of you who have never tried. It’s a great excuse to play with frosting and make a mess in the kitchen! (Though I suggest making a mess in someone else’s kitchen if that’s your goal.)

It slightly reminded me of the Carl Fredricksen and Squirt cakes I made to enter in the Sheboygan County Fair a few years ago…

Carl Fredricksen from Up

My cake version of Carl Fredricksen from Up

Squirt from Finding Nemo

My cake representation of Squirt from Finding Nemo

So the lesson of the day is: Never fear! When traveling or studying abroad there are are ways to get Disney in your diet… both figuratively and literally. It might just take a few podcast subscriptions and a bit of creativity!


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